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Is the electric heating suit passive or active?



Passive thermal clothing

Passive thermal clothing, also known as thermal insulation clothing, is a very common way of keeping warm. It reduces heat loss by increasing the static air layer in the material, mainly including the following aspects:

(1) Reduce heat conduction, including down, fur and various cotton, etc. However, the warm clothes are very fluffy and full

Swollen, not fashionable and beautiful, but also inconvenient to move, not easy to clean, and easy to moth, mildew.

(2) Windproof fabric, including laminated fabric and high-density fabric. The great advantage of this kind of fabric is that it can keep warm.

Disadvantages are easy to produce static electricity, and moisture permeability and comfort is not ideal.

(3) far infrared reflection, that is, the inner layer of the fabric is coated with a layer of aluminum film. This kind of fabric can not only absorb the light, heat and heat released by nature and human body, but also reflect far infrared ray on human body surface, and far infrared ray is easily absorbed by human body tissue, promote the increase of blood flow in the body, promote the blood circulation of the body. Therefore, far infrared ray has good health function, in addition, far infrared fiber can also reduce the loss rate of heat, so it has the effect of warmth. However, when the external environment is very harsh, it cannot meet the heat required by the human body, and has limitations.

 Active thermal clothing

(1) Active thermal clothing, namely heat-generating thermal clothing, is based on the traditional principle of heat insulation, the introduction of external energy, and converted into heat energy, so as to play a warm effect of clothing. At present, heating clothing developed by domestic and foreign researchers can be divided into four types, namely: electric heating clothing, solar heating clothing, chemical energy heating clothing, phase change material temperature regulating clothing. In these 4 types of heating services, we must be familiar with the electric heating services, so there is not much explanation.

(2) Solar heating clothing is the general name of clothing that converts solar energy into electric energy by using the principle of optics. Chemical energy heating clothing relies on the heat generated in the process of chemical reaction of substances to heat the human body. Usually, heating chemical materials or chemical substances are added to the fiber to convert chemical energy into heat energy. Phase change material heating clothing is to realize the heating of clothing by using the heat released by phase change material when its form changes.

(3) To sum up, electric heating clothing is actively warm clothing. In the face of extremely cold weather, passive insulation is often difficult to meet people's needs for warmth, but the active generation of heat insulation heating clothing can let people do not worry about the invasion of cold. The heating effect of solar heating clothing is obvious when the sun is full, but the ideal heating effect cannot be obtained when the sun is cloudy and rainy or the light is insufficient. The disadvantage of chemical energy heating clothing is that the scope of application is small, the temperature is not controllable, but also can not be reused. The technology of phase change material heating clothing is not mature and the phase change temperature range is narrow.